Stink Stompers Odor Remediation Services Pricing.

At Stink Stompers North Oregon Coast, our goal is to provide the best service at the best price.  Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you end up with the best result, every time!

Homes and RVs:  For our Chlorine Dioxide Vapor Home Reset system, we charge 65 cents per square foot of inside space. This includes running the HVAC system, if applicable, to ensure that all ducts remain odor and allergen free.

Our technicians will prepare your home by making it as airtight as possible.  We seal windows and doors as necessary, cover bathroom and kitchen vents, and protect smoke alarms. Once the vaporization process begins, we require that no person enters the property for 24 hours.

For homes that are especially dirty, i.e. smoke-covered walls, greasy counters, etc., we recommend a thorough house cleaning by a professional cleaning service before treatment.

We also strongly recommend that, the day after treatment, all carpets in the home get cleaned using our low-moisture, all-organic system.  (For more information, please see

Autos: For most autos, we charge $120 for interior odor elimination, which includes the HVAC system. Full-sized SUVs and other larger vehicles are $150.  Fleet discounts may apply.

Hotels, Offices, Fitness Centers, etc.: 65 cents per square foot, plus carpet cleaning charges. For smaller spaces, we have a $150 minimum charge.